“Give me a brand, tell me about your idea, and I’ll empower you to turn it into more than you could imagine." AdaPia d'Errico 

I am an entrepreneur. I am an executive. I am a consultant. I am an investor and an advisor. I am a business coach and mentor.

I cut my teeth in negotiating claims with the agents and lawyers of professional Italian soccer players and authored a proposal that won the contract to manage all professional sports injury claims for the 2008 FIFA World Cup.  When the markets crashed in September 2008, I worked a hedge fund in Switzerland. Not the best place to be you might think … but I was instrumental in legal negotiations and other operations that successfully kept our funds liquid and our business afloat. 

Then, in 2008 I started working with my sister - a talented artist - to build a business around her art. We started with a $0 marketing budget, a MySpace page, a 20-person e-mail list and a licensing contract for a journal with her art on the cover. Little did I know that we would revolutionize the art and comics industries, start a retail business, and become leaders in social media fan building.  Or, that I would go on to work with some of the biggest consumer and entertainment companies to develop new properties, reposition evergreen brands, and develop community and social strategies to activate influencers, fans and drive revenue and brand value.

I launched a digital film distribution start-up and landed in Los Angeles. In late 2013, in the thick of Silicon Beach rising, I joined the three founders at Patch of Land, one of the first real estate crowdfunding platforms, as CMO.  In a matter months we grew from a few hundred registered users and 3 investments, to a series-A funded company turning out dozens of offerings a month, thousands of registered users coming to our site to learn, borrow, and invest. 

I've been passionately advocating the emerging access to alternative investments such as crowdfunding, angel investing, real estate and other types of investments that had always been reserved for the rich and elite. I've helped clients turn their ideas into businesses, their startups into funded and successful companies, and most importantly, helped clients get clear about what they need to achieve growth and success on their terms.


“I am interested in the intersection of technology, design, culture -- now and in the future, to create powerful consumer experiences and profitable commercial endeavors.” AdaPia d’Errico

I swam with a whale shark, hatched sea turtles and sailed around Iceland and up to the Arctic Circle. I trained my first French Bulldog, Vudu, in agility. I do yoga on big rocks in the desert. Meditation and deep contemplation are a part of my daily routine. I am connected and devoted to nature, a beautiful community of women, a thriving community of entrepreneurs, and my Soul's purpose. 

I speak English, French and Italian fluently. I lived and worked in 4 European countries over 11 years and have travelled around the world, visiting every continent but one.  I am passionate about teaching, mentoring and coaching. I completed a business degree in Canada and another business degree in Holland. I wrote my thesis on the role of emotional intelligence in intercultural management for a management training company in Brussels. I continue to explore and study psychology, meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, spirituality and brain enhancement techniques in my life-long quest of learning and improving myself.  I find deep fulfillment in bringing out the best in people, helping them succeed, flourish and thrive. I am fascinated by trends that shape our culture, especially the impact of technology on our daily lives and on business.

I regularly speak and write on crowdfunding, fintech, building a brand or marketing, and woman entrepreneurship, contributing to publications such as,,, and more. 

The words, “you can’t” serve only to provoke my determination and push the boundaries that take my experience and understanding to new heights. The challenges in my life have been my greatest teachers. And I’ve learned that creativity is innate in everyone, that we must embrace change and take actionable steps to achieve our vision, even if it means going where others cannot see a path. I see a constellation.

We are driven to create, innovate, and build. We are often chasing success, and striving for wealth and health. I've learned through trials, tribulations and triumphs, that we can redefine what wealth and health mean to us, especially those who have a deep drive to 'do more and be more' in this world. For this reason, I have created a new brand and am writing a book on Real Wealth, Real Health.